Job diaries


Spring - Summer 2019

We've been very busy here at Marine Labour Services. We are currently managing and providing labour to cruise ships all around the globe, from North America to South East Asia.

Everyone is putting in maximum effort and delivering the best quality work possible, as a result all of our jobs are currently on schedule and going to plan.

With currently six different clients across three different continents, there's never a dull moment here at MLS!

We're currently looking towards getting ready for our busy period, where we expect to see more of our expert teams out all across the world doing what they do best!


Winter - Spring 2019

Our busiest season so far. More than 20 jobs going on until April, and still in early January. Some of the nearly 100 labourers and tradesmen will be visiting Singapore and Freeport again, flying away from the European cold, whilst others will be hoping Spring arrives early to the UK and Southern Europe.

Autumn 2018

This season is quite busy for MLS. Working on more than 20 different jobs around the world: UK, Canada, Freeport, Spain, Germany, France and Singapore.  Around 150  MLS operatives will be working on board different cruise ships, ferries and superyachts up to Christmas: labourers, joiners, tilers, upholsterers, welders, plumbers, french polishers and semi skilled tradesmen. All of these men and women will be working alongside our clients to make their projects a success!

Summer 2018

Although Summer is the quieter period for MLS, on 2018 we have had a few  jobs. Some of our guys were working on a superyacht in Southampton, some worked in London for another client, others flew to Freeport and Singapore to support some of our clients on their big refurbishment projects for Cruise Ships and had some maintenance works while the ships were in service in the Mediterranean. Good quality work done and  great teams working together to support our clients. Thank you to all involved for their hard work, professionalism and dedication.

Winter -Spring 2018

The first half of the year 2018 has been intense. MLS teams have been involved in 30 jobs in total: visiting the most popular shipyards among cruise lines for their major refurbishments carried out by our clients, working on board UK ferries and ferries connecting the UK to Europe, some maintenance works in service and some work on superyacht new builds.  A lot of personnel involved in these jobs that have shown their great resilience and willingness to support our clients in every job, no matter how challenging. After a full on first half of the year, we are looking forward to a quieter time in summer!

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